Very nice 5 star review of ‘The Celluloid Kid’ on Amazon.

My first reader response to ‘The Celluloid Kid’ has been posted on Amazon. 5 stars and very complimentary review. Thanks very much!

Interesting Premise – handled well

The title caught my attention with this book, but the writing and the strong story kept it. Trevor, to me at least, is every teenage boy in the 21st century who has not been allowed to rough house and be boys, but instead are holed up in their rooms, playing video games and watching movies. The real world is boring in comparison to the one created by Hollywood and game consoles.

Trevor’s mettle is tested when robbers hold up his bank branch. Can he indeed be the hero he has secretly dreamed he can be?

This thought provoking book is well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it!

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