‘Whingeblade’ free on the Amazon Kindle for my Birthday!

Special promotion for my birthday! Free on the Amazon Kindle. ‘Whingeblade.’ The first volume of the irreverent fantasy series. ‘The Soo-nar Stories’
‘The characters each had a story of their own and came together, again and again to produce a wonderful fantasy to get lost in.’

Soo-nar is the last of the lion-eagles and Nowan, the prince who must save her. But he doesn’t really want to. He hates responsibility and his demonsword ‘Whingeblade’ would rather soak in hot oil than do any actual work. But, there is no-one else. This tale is about growing up, loyalty to friends and facing life’s challenges. Nothing new, but the true things about life do not change just because the times do. Every generation must pass on its tales to the next to try and ensure that the chain of good things is never completely broken.


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