‘Home Run’ free on the Amazon Kindle for the next few days!

Free for a few days on the Amazon Kindle my novel ‘Home Run’

Doug Preston returns to his home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula late one night to find his wife, Anne, missing without explanation. When threats and violence follow, Doug hires an inquiry agent. The only clue is that Anne apparently returned to England with a mysterious man named John Moore. Despite the danger to his own life Doug follows the trail to England where with the help of old army and police friends he comes close to solving the mystery of Anne’s disappearance.
Or does he? How many more twists can there be before Doug finally discovers the truth about Anne?
A concise and fast-paced mystery. Told from Doug’s point of view it allows the reader to share his feelings as he tries to solve the mystery of his missing wife. The ending is shocking and surprising. –Scribes World

A unique tale of a man’s search to find the truth. The reader is taken in by the twists and turns of the plot, as Doug discovers one dead lead after another. Will appeal to all who love a story that dares to be different. –E-Book Reviews Weekly

Get it free now or pay for it later 🙂


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